The True Nature™ Platform:

This is a proposed multi-media platform being co-developed by Lelia Media L3C (USA) and True Nature Enterprises LTD (UK) to promote the work of people from around the world who are involved in researching and understanding the true nature of humanity, life, the universe and everything. Many wonderful people have dedicated their lives to discovering and disclosing the truth and revealing important facts about every aspect of reality and the human experience.

Whether working as a professional researcher for an organization or educational institution, or studying independently, these champions share a passion and love for understanding the truth about, and true nature of, their specific subject areas. Each and every one has a story to tell about their work, and we are honored to bring them to the public.

The True Nature™ Platform will host original multi-media programs that consist of different research projects, corporate learning & development programs, interactive campaigns and media productions.

True Nature Enterprises LTD

Recipes For Success & A Better World

The potential scope of this work is so vast that we have set up a new enterprise, True Nature Enterprises LTD, registered in the UK, by Lelia Media Co-Founder Ray Murray, to be a wholly complementary ‘brother’ enterprise to Lelia Media L3C. It is commencing with ‘home-bases’ in Devon, England and Hällefors, Sweden and, via Lelia Media, Michigan USA.

The term “recipes” in the company tagline refers to the main focal areas and types of work that the new enterprise will concentrate upon and engage in, which are: