Sponsorships & Program Related Investments

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We Facilitate Ethical Sponsorship Of Programs:

Lelia Media provides highly strategic sponsorship sales planning and operations on behalf of our affiliates. Our goal is to maximize the amount of sponsorship dollars and revenue to fund these important programs, organizations and researchers.

We identify the most appropriate foundations, companies and corporate brands that are closely aligned with our partnering non-profit organizations' mission, vision and values. Then, we present the features, benefits and full value proposition that they will enjoy by financially supporting the most relevant programs.

By using the very latest digital and media technology provided through our Globally Responsible Marketing Services, we ensure that our clients and sponsors effectively send clear messages to their animal / nature loving target audience and customers that they, too, care about enriching life on the planet and  are actively contributing to making a positive difference in the world.

Over 20 years of award-winning sales experience is behind our sponsorship sales operations. This provides the powerful and sustainable economic engine that drives our company. We customize each plan and approach on a per project basis to make sure the right sponsors are matched with just the right programs.

As Managing Director, Leah Juarez applies her passion, creativity and ability to form trusting, long-term relationships to increase sales revenue, benefitting everyone involved along the way. Through her leadership and direction, the sponsorship sales operations of Lelia Media is pioneering new ways of ethically funding Globally Responsible programs, organizations and companies throughout the world.

We Secure Funding & Practical Support:

As an L3C, Lelia Media facilitates healthy financial partnerships which enable Foundations, Investors, Sponsors and Financial Partners to fund Globally Responsible Projects through ethical-sponsorship arrangements and / or Program-Related Investments (PRIs).

What Is A PRI?

PRIs hold incredible potential for the social enterprise arena.

Rather than giving away money through grants, PRIs allow foundations to make investments as loans or equity stakes in the hopes of regaining their investments plus a reasonable rate of return.

This arrangement allows foundations to increase the amount of money available to the social sector, while simultaneously building stronger and more sustainable socially minded entities.

As part of a broader strategy involving impact investing and the market-based solutions of target recipients, PRIs stand to tackle tough social issues on a scale never before seen by moving beyond traditional notions of charity that, in many ways, continue to restrain large-scale progress.

PRIs also have two main and highly attractive benefits for foundations.

First, PRIs count towards a foundation’s qualifying distributions just as if they were grants, helping foundations meet their annual five percent payout requirement.

Secondly, PRIs are exempted from the excess business holdings tax, generally imposed for investments that comprise more than a 20 percent interest in for-profit ventures, as well as the jeopardizing investment tax, generally imposed for investments that financially endanger the charitable work of the foundation.


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