Scotland – The Big Picture

Scotland – The Big Picture

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Scotland – The Big Picture is a project of Wild Media Scotland and the project entails producing inspiring media to amplify the case for the rewilding of Scotland.

Rewilding has become a popular term for restoring the ecological integrity of both land and seascapes. It isn’t about turning the clock back to recreate the past; rewilding is a bold vision for the future, where natural processes govern large expanses of land – from summit to shoreline and beyond. Rewilding seeks to repair nature’s broken bits and restore a network of inter-connected habitats along with the species needed to sustain functioning living systems.

Scotland is undoubtedly a spectacular country but is an ecological shadow of its former self. Its turbulent past has shaped its wild places like few other countries and a legacy of degraded land persists, a land that id devoid of the rich vegetation and wildlife that, given the change, could once again flourish.

It wasn’t long ago that vibrant forest stretched its fingers across much of the Highlands. Beavers and cranes found sanctuary in extensive wetlands; lynx, wolf and wild boar stalked forest glades. That ecological jigsaw may never be fully recreated but a wilder, richer and more resilient landscape can return. Website: Scotland – The Big Picture