The Researchers & Rescuers™ Platform:

This is a proposed multi-media platform that will promote the work of Researchers & Rescuers™ – people from around the world who are involved in the science of studying and saving animals. Many wonderful people have dedicated their lives to animals. Whether working as a scientific researcher at a prestigious university, or volunteering part-time at a local shelter, these champions share a passion and love for animals. Each and every one has a story to tell about their work, and we are honored to bring them to the public.

Researchers & Rescuers will host original multi-media programs that consist of different projects, interactive campaigns and media productions. Each program is created and developed to reach a mainstream audience of animal lovers and engage them to experience and learn more about the animals they love.

Researchers & Rescuers™ Magazine & Documentaries:

As a part of the platform, we  plan to publish Researchers & Rescuers Magazine, to distribute information both online and in print, as well as produce various film documentaries and television series. The video content will also be distributed across all social media networks. More information will be forthcoming as developments unfold.

Researchers & Rescuers™ Programs:

We are already creating our dream-team of Researchers & Rescuers™ and supporting their work by initiating four pilot programs.

Our programs are designed to impact ecosystems and engage communities by using innovative digital technology and media production. We are developing an interactive educational platform designed to digitally produce, publish and distribute scientific research involving animals and nature to a mainstream audience.
The social benefits for this network are vast and can impact many populations here in the U.S., including inner-city kids, at-risk youth, military veterans, and also encourage STEM education for girls/young women through a “Citizen Scientist” component. Additionally, by connecting with scientists and animal advocates around the world, our programs can raise awareness, secure funding, and promote human behavior change to enrich communities globally – including those in developing countries.

(Details below):


Protecting Peak Predators

Synopsis: Research has shown that apex predators play a vital role in maintaining the balance of nature in the ecosystems they inhabit. The Protecting Peak Predators Program will consist of many distinct projects developed to increase understanding about how various predatory species help to sustain healthy ecosystems around the world. Why This Matters: Snow leopards … Read More

Fabulous Fishes

Synopsis: The Fabulous Fishes Program consists of a number of proposed scientific-research and video-production projects. Together, these projects will facilitate deeper levels of understanding of our friends with fins. They will also unveil underwater worlds of wonder across the planet – starting in Michigan, USA.

Exploring Equesse®

Synopsis: Equus is a genus of animals which includes horses, donkeys, mules, burros, and zebras. Equesse is a word coined and trademarked by Lelia Media to describe the Sentience of Equines, or, in other words, “The Essence of Equus.” The Exploring Equesse Program will explore the inter-species relationships between equines … Read More

Animal Ambassadors

Synopsis: The Animal Ambassadors Program consists of a number of proposed projects designed to support people involved in Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation, Re-homing, and Care & Protection work around the world. Together, these projects will increase our understanding of the needs of the animals themselves, and also increase our awareness of … Read More

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