As the founder and CEO of both the National Relief Network (NRN) and D.A.R.T. – The Disaster Animal Rescue Team, I am delighted to now also be working with Lelia Media as Project Director for The D.A.R.T. Mobilizer Project.

Scott For Slider 4 - NRN LogoThe National Relief Network (NRN) is an organization committed to bringing large numbers of volunteers to state and federally declared disaster areas for the purpose of helping families in their efforts to rebuild their homes, their communities, and their lives.

We administrate volunteer relief programs for organizations such as churches, youth groups, corporations, colleges, universities and high schools

The NRN makes it possible for many organizations, who may not have the necessary resources or access to an organized group relief effort, to lend a helping hand.

We make our resources available to any group who wants to stand up and make a difference.

The NRN is now also working with Lelia Media as a Partner organization.

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DART Logo 3Thousands of pets perish every year following floods, wildfires, tornadoes, and hurricanes.

D.A.R.T. has been established as a division of The National Relief Network to send highly trained urgent response teams into federal disaster areas to focus on saving cats and dogs, as well as other injured animals, who had to be left behind by those desperately trying to save their families.

For weeks following Hurricane Katrina tens of thousands of dogs and cats were left homeless throughout the Gulf Coast Region. Thousands died from drowning, starvation, and dehydration.


DART is desperately needed for the safe recovery and immediate care of these lost and traumatized pets following natural disasters throughout the United States. DART’s mobile veterinarians will bring much needed medical care to where it’s needed most, right into the heart of the disaster area.


Col. David Dysart, US Marine Corps, Director of Hurricane Katrina Disaster Recovery, St. Bernard Parish, LA

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