Manoj Gautam has worked with wildlife and conservation since his childhood and is now the Founder and Executive Director of the Jane Goodall Institute Nepal.

In 2002, Manoj founded Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots Nepal, engaging youth in animal welfare campaigns, environmental education, and grassroots conservation initiatives. Today, the organization is still at the forefront of environmental education in Nepal and is under the instruction of the JGI-Nepal team. (Roots and Shoots)

Among the many recognitions received, Manoj was presented with the Jane Goodall Youth Leadership Award in 2008 and the Nature Conservation Award in 2013, from Friends of Nature, in recognition of 12 years of leadership and dedication to conservation, wildlife rehabilitation, as well as curbing wildlife trade.

Internationally renowned for his accomplishments in the region, in 2005, Manoj was assigned the role of Country Designate for the Society of Wetland Scientists, Asia Chapter and worked as a National Observer for The Carter Center Nepal in 2010, as well as lectured at conferences throughout the globe.

Building on his experiences in the field through education, Manoj received a Bachelors in Environmental Management and Sustainable Development from Pokhara University in 2009 and a Post Graduate Degree in Psychological Counseling from Tribhuvan University in 2012.

Currently, Manoj is the President of AWNN (Animal Welfare Network Nepal) and is leading the JGI-Nepal team in wildlife rehabilitation, conservation, research, and public policy.