With over 20 years of national award winning sales experience, I’m excited to bring powerful capabilities to the launch of Lelia Media, L3C. The opportunity to lead this company and combine my passion for sales with writing, publishing, event marketing, and the effective use of creative digital media, is truly fulfilling a life goal.

I am a creative marketing writer/producer and a seasoned, executive-level sales professional. I have an extensive network and vast amount of animal-related sales and marketing experience based in the global equine industry. Over the past 10 years, I have championed many successful horse-related marketing and sales initiatives, including direct sales campaigns and operations, philanthropic marketing, event marketing and experiential learning. My experience and successful track record in sales and leadership in the (human) medical/healthcare industry provides the perfect foundation on which to base my contribution to grow this business. Additionally, my love for animals, understanding of pet-ownership, background in biological science, and experience as a digital media marketing specialist, will ultimately benefit our clients and partners and the communities they support.

I am passionate about the human side of things, too! As a team-leader and business coach on many experiential-learning programs, I find great fulfillment in helping individuals on their career paths, and growing sales and developing a true entrepreneurial spirit in others.

My personal mission is to make a positive difference in the world by applying my education and background in Biological Science to help people experience life-fulfilling benefits by living and working in harmony with animals and nature.

http://creativeitresources.com/dropbox-refer Founder / Managing Director – Lelia Media, L3C

February 2016 – Present. White Lake Township, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Using previous experience and expertise as a springboard, revamped, upgraded and relaunched Lelia Media as an L3C (Low-Profit Limited Liability Corporation), designed to facilitate positive social change through research and interactive educational programs involving animals, nature and communities.

The new Lelia Media now functions as a conduit between financial resources and program-related research and education by communicating the valuable benefits of supporting serious, solid science.

Core activities consist of connecting investors, sponsors and foundations to leading-edge programs, scientists and researchers, with all programs supported by Lelia Media L3C being research-based and/or peer-reviewed, designed to uplift communities and improve animal welfare by pioneering vitally important nature conservation around the world.

http://dreamingoutloud.nl/music-monday-14-4-2-3-5-7-2-2-3-2-7-6-2-2-3-3-2-2-2-2-4-3-2/ CEO/Owner – Lelia Media, LLC

July 2002 – February 2016. White Lake Township, Detroit, Michigan, USA.

Provide marketing and advertising sales services as well as contracted sales team development, training and management to the healthcare industry, national magazines and event production companies. Clients included:

  • Klokwerks Digital: (Developed U.S. sales strategy and business growth for anchor clients, including Detroit Electric Car Reveal Event; Detroit Pistons Palace 360 Augmented Reality scoreboard reveal; 2014 Proforma distribution and training; and 2015 Real Estate campaign and full sales operations. Also successfully rolled out Klokwerks Digital product portfolio to Proforma distribution network of over 750 franchise owners across North America, including 2014 trade show event/convention coordination).
  • Urban Rebound Detroit Project – McClelland & Associates
  • Provided Business Coaching for National Women’s Entrepreneurs Pitch Competition
  • CANDO Productions – (As Director of Network Development for new media company and video content management system designed to connect fans and enthusiasts with their favorite music, entertainment, sports or associations)
  • Alive Drive Interactive (Director Sales Development)
  • Horse of Kings Magazine
  • Pony Enthusiast Magazine
  • Andalusian Magazine
  • Women & Horses Magazine
  • Blaze Magazine
  • Active Living Magazine
  • Vault Marketing and Entertainment

Services Included: Business and Sales Plan development and Implementation, Direct Sales Team Management, Creative Marketing Program Development, Copywriting, Songwriting, Video Production, Print Production Scheduling, Sales Material Development.

Publisher/CEO – Equesse, Inc.
May 2006 – December 2012

Equesse® was a multi-media company dedicated to providing Information, Inspiration and Insight to help women enrich their lives through a love of horses

Sales Operations Manager – Quest Diagnostics, Inc.
March 2007 – May 2008

Organized and Developed inside operations and marketing programs for a 40 member clinical laboratory salesforce responsible for $140+ million annual sales.

Associate Product Manager – Ferndale Laboratories, Inc.
December 2006 – March 2007

Developed Sales and Marketing Campaigns for Mastisol, Detachol, and Analpram for national hospital medical

Medical Sales Representative – GlaxoSmithKline
January 2003 – April 2004

Successfully Managed a Territory consisting of Physicians, Medical Offices and Hospitals in the Sales and Marketing of Prescription and OTC Healthcare Products

Dermatology Sales Specialist – Roche Laboratories, Inc
March 1997 – August 2002

Successfully marketed Accutane and Soriatane to dermatologists. First Soriatane patient chosen for National Marketing Campaign; Special Achievement Award Midyear 2002; Two Instant Incentives awarded in 2001; Exceeded all annual sales goals 1997-2001; Efficiently managed large geographic territory

Territory Sales Manager – SmithKline Beeham Clinical Laboratories
September 1991 – February 1997

Directed new sales and marketing of a full service clinical laboratory to physicians and health care facilities 1993 Vice President’s Award Winner; 1992 Rookie of the Year Northeast Area; Representative for Hospital Outreach Program; Coordinated trade show exhibits and sponsorship activities; Chairperson Employees’ Activity Committee


I gained my B.S. in Biological Science at Michigan State University

Fly Without Wings Cover
Promotional Documentation – PDF

Project: Fly Without Wings by Leah Juarez

Fly Without Wings is the name of an original song by Leah, and the equestrian tribute performance she produced, which was inspired by the people and horses who, throughout history, have worked together on shared journeys to overcome obstacles and achieve greatness. The performance was a celebration of equestrian sport competition and the beauty of the horse-human relationship demonstrated by competing as teammates on a global platform. Fly Without Wings visually and musically depicts the gift horses have given humans – the ability to accomplish that which would have been impossible without the aid of the horse.

The song, Fly Without Wings, was also selected to be played at the Closing Ceremonies of the 2010 Alltech World Equestrian Games as a tribute to the Para-Equestrian teams that competed on this worldwide stage.

Song: Run On, My Pony, Run On by Leah Juarez

Run On My Pony Run On Cover“Run On, My Pony, Run On” (copyright 2005) is a song written by Leah Juarez and co-produced by Dale Grisa. The song describes the strength, power and beauty that is found by having a close relationship with a special horse. Horses can be a supportive best friend – especially during challenging times in a person’s life.

This was one of the first recordings of then up and coming singer, Sarah Lenore, who was only 15 years old at the time.

The recording also features Leah’s husband, Rocky Juarez on drums and her brother-in-law, Corky Juarez on bass, as well as her cousin Dale Grisa on keyboards. Also credited is Michael King – sound engineer / guitar

Below are two examples of the many articles that Leah has written for various horse-focused magazines:

Article: Once Upon A Horse
Blaze Magazine:

Cover of Blaze Magazine - Luminosa
Once Upon A Horse – PDF

Blaze Magazine contains articles, games and educational content for horse-crazy kids. The image linked to the right is from a series of articles entitled, “Once Upon A Horse”, written by Leah. This series is designed to teach children world-history, geography and culture, through historical fiction about horses. This particular article was set in 1503 in Florence, Italy, the time of Leonardo da Vinci, and it tells the tale of Luminosa, a beautiful palomino mare owned by a wealthy aristocratic family.

Cover Horse Boy Method Article
Full Article – PDF

Article: The Horseboy Method
Natural Awakenings – Healthy Pet Magazine:

The Horse Boy Method has been developed by husband and wife team, Rupert Isaacson and Dr. Kristen Neff. It is the result of their acquired knowledge and understanding of the wondrous connection horses have with autistic children. It is also an international teaching organization, headquartered in Texas, that shares these benefits all around the world.