Growing Possibilities in Experiential Education & Agriculture pretty much sums up my projects (hence Growing PEAs – see “Hobbies & Links” in “My CV”, below).

I have been active in promoting environmental & behavioral enrichment for equines and exploring ways in which implementing these concepts transfers into experiential learning and personal wellness for humans.

Through design, build, and collaboration, I hope to offer more implementation for enrichment. My works supports the use of Behavioral and Environmental Enrichment for equines and other animals in captivity/domestication. Engaged Equines

Another project I’ve initiated involves working burros which are engaged in contributing to people, communities, and private entities. This project is designed to boost adoptions and enrichment of BLM burros, promote skills development of inmate trainers and explore social, physical, and financial benefits of burro involvement.

I have my MA in Education: Equine Assisted Experiential Learning from Prescott College (Prescott, AZ) and my BS in Recreation Leadership & Management: Outdoor Adventure Education from Ferris State University (Big Rapids, MI).

I am excited to be working with Lelia Media, L3C as a Project Director within The Exploring Equesse® Program

Education MA Education: Equine-Assisted Experiential Learning

Prescott College, Prescott, AZ. Graduated 05/11

go here BS Recreation Leadership & Management: Outdoor Adventure Education

Ferris State University, Big Rapids, MI. Graduated 05/08

Additional Education

Adaptive Schools, Ferris State University, 2016

Financial Modeling for the Social Sector, Philanthropy University, 2016

Design-Kit,, 2016

Mental Health First Aid, National Council for Behavioral Health, 2016

Disaster Response, Salvation Army, 2016

First Aid, CPR, AED Instructor, The American Red Cross, expires 2017

Writing for Magazines, Institute of Children’s Literature, 2015

Getting Started, Holistic Management International, 2014

Work Experience

Ferris State University, University Recreation, Big Rapids, MI

03/2015 – present: Adventure Coordinator

  • Co-Chair of the Trail Towns Designation Master Plan for Mecosta County steering committee
  • Implementation of work projects and opening/closing procedures at the Ropes Course
  • Analyst of weekly participation and effects of recreational climbing on the equipment and infrastructure of the climbing wall
  • Monitoring budget and staffing resources for effective and efficient recreational programming
  • Coordination of 11 different user groups in 2015 for ropes course programming and experiential learning objectives
  • Programming development, facilitation of programming, and evaluation of learning outcomes for multi-use groups
  • Development, coordination, and presentation of collaborative grant proposal for innovative climbing program for multiple users with 4 different departments on campus.
  • Regulating specialized equipment inspection of recreational venues and recommending solutions for problems identified
  • Analyst of weekly participation and effects of recreational climbing on the equipment and infrastructure of the climbing wall
  • Analysis of rental trends and user needs for outdoor gear
  • Working with student staff in marketing materials for Adventure Programming
  • Monitoring budget and staffing resources for effective and efficient recreational programming
  • Revisions and writing of plans for risk management, operations, and procedures of recreational programming
  • Adherence to policies, procedures, and regulations set forth by the University, divisions on campus, and industries.

03/2016 – present: Interim Intramural & Club Sports Coordinator

  • Support through transition of current program including: evaluation of current program; planning, design, development, and implementation of IM and Club Sport program; and coordination of student staff schedules and meetings

Eisele’s Honey Farms, Big Rapids, MI

08/2014 – present: Organizational support

  • Coordination of yard management with 90+ yard owners
  • Planning, constructing, and de-constructing temporary electric fencing on 20-30 yards
  • Inventorying and delivering honey to 90+ yard owners in 3 counties

Cottonwood Tucson, Tucson, AZ

07/2013-07/2014:  Barn Manager

  • Support and implementation of Equine Assisted therapeutic programming for groups of 8 patients
  • Daily care of equines and barn management procedures
  • Evaluation and assessment of physical and emotional wellbeing of 9-equine herd working in therapeutic programming
  • Enrichment program specialist including: planning, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of staff training for enrichment, daily enrichment practices, and enrichment programming needs
  • Assessment, planning, design, and written development of a proposal for a paddock expansion (approved)
  • Coordination of monthly deliveries of supplies
  • Monitoring budget for changes and environmental effects on equine wellbeing
  • Management of physical, environmental, and emotional risks for equines, patients, and staff throughout daily operations and programming.
  • Adherence to policies, procedures, and regulations set forth by Cottonwood Tucson and the governing boards

Campo Urbano, Easter Seals Blake Foundation Tucson, AZ 

2010-2014: Behavioral Health Camp Mentor

  • Planning, design, development, implementation, and evaluation of camp programming for behavioral health objectives for youth in an experiential nature-based curriculum
  • Risk assessment and management for participants, staff, animals, property, and the environment throughout camp program
  • Evaluation of behavioral health objectives in programming for official documentation
  • Offering advice and support to camp staff for equine-based programming

Prescott College, CLS, Prescott, AZ

2015: co-planner and co-coordinator of Best Practices in EAL and EAMH Gathering

  • Planning and design for gathering (conference) objectives
  • Written correspondence with proposal applicants
  • Schedule development of proposed workshops, talks, and activities with proposal applicants
  • Coordination of accommodations for 30+ people for 3 nights, 4 days
  • Development of registration procedures

08/2010-09/2010: Wilderness Orientation Course Director

  • Advice and Support to 2 instructors in program planning, design, development, implementation, and evaluation for orientation course for 10+ undergraduate students
  • Logistical support for group of 10+ undergraduate students, 2 instructors, and equine herd for 3 weeks camping and engaging in various locations
  • Conflict resolution amongst group members
  • Over-seeing curriculum planning, development, implementation, and evaluation

05/2010-07/2010: YMCA Summer Camp Equine Program Supervisor

Fall 2009: Adjunct Instructor

  • Animal Assisted Therapy instructor for undergraduate degree program, Prescott College (Prescott, AZ)

01/2009-06/2009: Centaur Leadership Services, Herd Manager, Workshop Coordinator

  • Daily care and management of equines,
  • Evaluation of herd impacts on pastures, exploring solutions with limited resources
  • As-needed facility maintenance
  • Monitoring available resources and budgets for care and programming
  • Networking and Collaboration with industry professionals and participants

Service Learning, Projects, & Volunteer Experiences

Equine Assisted Learning workshop, Wild Horse Inmate Program, Arizona Correctional Industries, Florence, AZ (2016)

Muskegon River, River Safety re-design, co-chair (sp 2016-current), Big Rapids Jaycees, Big Rapids, MI

Individual Development / Community Development Vice President (2016), Big Rapids Jaycees, Big Rapids, MI

Trail adopter (Trail 7), Hungerford Trail Riders Association (2015-2016), Big Rapids, MI

PATH Intl. Equine Welfare Committee (2011-current), International

Club Advisor, Ferris State University Equestrian Club (2015-current), Big Rapids, MI

Student Mentor (Sp 2016), Prescott College, Prescott, AZ

Heart of Horse Sense Veterans Retreat, Horse Sense of the Carolinas (F2015), Marshall, NC

Camp Resilience, Equine Veteran Retreat (S/F2015), Gilford, NH                                                         

Animal Rescue Coalition of Mecosta County, Big Rapids, MI              

Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, Hot Springs, SD                 

BLM, Wild Horse & Burro Program, Phoenix, AZ


Wekenman, J. (2016). Enrich Your Equines, Enrich Your Program. Strides. Path Intl. Summer 2016.

Wekenman, J. (2014).  20+ Thoughts about Burnout & Sour of Working Equines. Horse Conscious.

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Wekenman, J. (2011). Becoming More Equine-Centered: A Curriculum to Enrich Experiential Learning Programs and the Equines they Employ. Prescott College: Prescott, AZ.

Professional Presentations

Domestic Foragers, PATH Intl. International Conference (Cleveland, OH)

The Original Cut & Paste, Best Practices of EAL & EAMH (Prescott, AZ)

It’s Not Just a Hay Net!, Cottonwood Tucson Inservice (Tucson, AZ)

Enrichment in Equine Programs, Best Practices Gathering of EAMH & EAL (Prescott, AZ)

An Initiative for Enrichment, Phoenix Zoo (Phoenix, AZ)           

Continuing Ed for the Equines of Therapeutic & Learning Programs, multiple locations

Enriching Horses for Consciousness, VBBI Horse Sense of the Carolinas, LLC

Becoming More Equine-centered: A Curriculum to Enrich Experiential Learning Programs and the Equines they Employ, Best Practices of EAL & EAMH (Mayer, AZ),  Prescott College MAP Colloquium (Prescott, AZ)

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