go I am a Detroit bred multimedia producer with extensive experience in music and motion picture production.

I have over 10 years of experience in video content creation and have been playing the guitar since the age of 5.

I have a degree in Computer Information Systems, which reflects my passion for technology and I have a strong propensity for all things technical as it relates to production.

I have designed and implemented hardware and software solutions for live sound, music recording, audiovisual and more https:/../cialis-generique/.

In addition to running a multimedia firm and non-profit organization, I am also a television editor for a local cable network and I frequently collaborate with production teams from live broadcast to motion picture.

From corporate videos to music videos, or documentaries, I am gifted in the ability and blessed with the capacity to take any project from concept to completion.

I find great satisfaction in taking a vision or idea and enhancing it with experience, knowledge and thoughtful refinements that always meet and exceed the expectations of my partners and clients.

I wear several hats – specifically, I am a:

  • Creative Director
  • Film Director
  • Director of Photography
  • Multimedia Producer
  • Video Editor