We are a digital creative content marketing agency that specializes in supporting and promoting world-class scientists, researchers, rescuers and other people who are championing animal welfare, wildlife, and environmental conservation programs around the world.

Our vision is to become a leader in enriching life on Earth.


Our purpose is to help facilitate positive social change by:


Engaging people in enriching their own ecosystems and communities.


Our mission is to:


Empower researchers, rescuers, and other champions,
who work to improve the science of studying & saving animals, and protecting & preserving nature.


Our Strategy:

We use the following Ethical Business Model to achieve our objectives:


We serve two types of clients:


1]   People and organizations who work as animal advocates and/or environmental conservationists.


2]   Companies and brands that want to reach more customers.


Both of these types of clients want to send messages to a mainstream audience or the general public.

Our services help clients reach and influence an audience of animal and nature lovers, therefore:


http://waldviertler-neurofruehling.com/?rest_route=/oembed/1.0/embed We produce creative multi-media programs about people, animals, and nature.


best online pharmacy to buy accutane We distribute this program content in ways that reach the largest number of people who are interested in animals and nature.


We sell space on or within these programs to sponsors or advertisers with brand messages who want to reach those same people.

Our two main economic engines are:


1]   We charge low-cost, custom rates for non-profit organizations, or people who work as animal advocates and/or environmental conservationists, then produce and distribute creative multi-media programs based on their available budgets.


2]   Working on a commission basis, we sell sponsorships and / or secure program related investments (PRI’s) to support these people, programs and organizations.