Globally Responsible Marketing & Creative Content Production

By Being Different, We Make A Difference: Lelia Media provides full content marketing agency services that promote the Globally Responsible aspects of our clients. We produce high quality, research-based and peer-reviewed programs using leading-edge digital marketing. We help clients reach their target audiences through a mutual love of animals and nature. By collaborating with affiliated non-profit … Read More

Experiential Learning & Development Programs

For A World That Works For The Good Of All: Lelia Media collaborates with True Nature Enterprises, LTD to provide highly effective Learning & Development programs for businesses and organizations who genuinely wish to help make the world a better place. Together with our mutual clients, we co-create world-class, uplifting … Read More

Sponsorships & Program Related Investments

We Facilitate Ethical Sponsorship Of Programs: Lelia Media provides highly strategic sponsorship sales planning and operations on behalf of our affiliates. Our goal is to maximize the amount of sponsorship dollars and revenue to fund these important programs, organizations and researchers. We identify the most appropriate foundations, companies and corporate … Read More

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