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The Animal Ambassadors Program consists of a number of proposed projects designed to support people involved in Animal Rescue, Rehabilitation, Re-homing, and Care & Protection work around the world. Together, these projects will increase our understanding of the needs of the animals themselves, and also increase our awareness of how animals enrich the world -- just by being who they are.

Why This Matters:

Many people have devoted their lives to helping animals in need. For example, in Africa, game rangers often make the ultimate sacrifice to protect elephants, rhino, gorillas and other species against poachers. They do their work with enormous courage and compassion, often without the training and equipment they truly need to give them the best chance to not only protect threatened animals but to also protect themselves.

Here in the USA, and elsewhere around the world, when hurricanes and other natural disasters strike, it is not only people who are affected and left homeless or injured. Farm animals, ranch animals, zoo animals and family pets suffer too.

Similarly, in war zones and areas of human conflict -  once again, it isn't only humans who suffer.

In areas where de-forestation is carried out for commercial or other purposes, huge numbers of wild animals can be affected as well as local and indigenous people.

All around the world Animal Ambassadors work to do what they can to prevent or minimize suffering caused to animals by human actions and natural disaster alike.The Animal Ambassadors Program is being set up to support them in as many ways as possible.

The People Behind This Program

manoj-for-animal-ambassadors-postManoj Gautam - Nepal: Founder and Executive Director of the Jane Goodall Institute Nepal:

Manoj Gautam has worked with wildlife and conservation since his childhood and is now the Founder and Executive Director of the Jane Goodall Institute Nepal.

In 2002, Manoj founded Jane Goodall’s Roots and Shoots Nepal, engaging youth in animal welfare campaigns, environmental education, and grassroots conservation initiatives. Today, the organization is still at the forefront of environmental education in Nepal and is under the instruction of the JGI-Nepal team. (Roots and Shoots)

Among the many recognitions received, Manoj was presented with the Jane Goodall Youth Leadership Award in 2008 and the Nature Conservation Award in 2013, from Friends of Nature, in recognition of 12 years of leadership and dedication to conservation, wildlife rehabilitation, as well as curbing wildlife trade.

Internationally renowned for his accomplishments in the region, in 2005, Manoj was assigned the role of Country Designate for the Society of Wetland Scientists, Asia Chapter and worked as a National Observer for The Carter Center Nepal in 2010, as well as lectured at conferences throughout the globe.

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Anna Twinney - USA: Researcher, Trainer, Therapist, Author:

Anna Twinney is the founder of Reach Out To Horses®, (ROTH) based in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Elizabeth, Colorado. She is also the Project Director of the Whispers From The Wild Ones Awareness Campaign.

As an internationally respected Natural Horsemanship Clinician and Trainer, Animal Communicator and Reiki Master she travels the world teaching the art of creating a trust-based partnership between Humans, Horses and all Animal Companions.

She has conducted clinics, classes and training sessions in Australia, Canada, Denmark, England, Germany, France, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Norway, New Zealand and throughout the entire United States.

Anna's dream is to take the Reach Out to Horses® program around the world, especially to Third World countries, to make a difference in the lives of the working horses and people who don't have access to these ground-breaking methods.

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Scott Harding - USA: Disaster Animal Rescue Team (D.A.R.T.)

Scott is the founder and CEO of both the National Relief Network (N.R.N) and the Disaster Animal Rescue Team (D.A.R.T.) in the USA. He is also the Project Director of the D.A.R.T Mobilizer Network. He states:

"After twenty years of working in federal disaster areas from hurricanes on the east coast to wildfires on the west coast, it has become painfully obvious that every disaster affects more than just people…they are also devastating for dogs and cats as well as all the other animals in our lives."

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Proposed Projects:


Within traditional scientific and academic circles, some aspects of Animal Communication or Inter-species Communication are considered controversial, if not completely taboo. However, more and more people are becoming curious enough and courageous enough to explore the fact that humans appear to have the ability to interact with other species in ways that mainstream science cannot fully explain.

The Animal Talkers Project is designed to present a balanced, non-biased, and open-minded view of work being done in the field of Animal Communication.  Using an investigative journalism approach, this project will include case studies and examples of people successfully incorporating inter-species communication into their work and programs involving animals.

Below are some examples of people exploring the field of Animal Communication, and how it can be used to improve animal welfare around the world.

Anna Twinney, founder of Reach Out to Horses, is another example of a person who un-apologetically uses Animal Communication in her work. For example, in "Whispers From The Wild Ones", she addresses the sometimes controversial issues involving America's Wild Mustangs. Through this DVD series, she successfully raises awareness about the gentle techniques she uses when working with wild horses. Wild horses are not domestic horses in the wild. Like wolves and dogs, mustangs are very different from the horses in our barns and pastures at home. To truly be successful, trainers and guardians alike must find a new way of training that understands this crucial difference, and work with the mind and heart of the wild horse.


The DART Mobilizer Project is a flagship, pilot project for the "Researchers & Rescuers" mobile network platform. This project is designed to provide a first-responder connectivity tool to notify people with animal experience and equipment when they are needed to assist with rescue efforts during, or immediately following natural disasters.

About D.A.R.T. - The Disaster Animal Rescue Team:

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D.A.R.T is a division of the National Relief Network, based in the USA.

D.A.R.T.’s mission is to rescue animals during the days immediately following major natural disasters. Animals that are now lost, hungry, and thirsty, terrified, and traumatized. And, in so doing, make every effort to reunite them with their families.

Thousands of pets perish every year following floods, wildfires, tornadoes, and hurricanes. D.A.R.T. has been established to send highly trained urgent response teams into federal disaster areas to focus on saving cats and dogs, as well as other injured animals, who had to be left behind by those desperately trying to save their families.

For weeks following Hurricane Katrina tens of thousands of dogs and cats were left homeless throughout the Gulf Coast Region. Thousands died from drowning, starvation, and dehydration.

DART is desperately needed for the safe recovery and immediate care of these lost and traumatized pets following natural disasters throughout the United States. DART’s mobile veterinarians will bring much needed medical care to where it’s needed most, right into the heart of the disaster area.

Col. David Dysart, US Marine Corps, Director of Hurricane Katrina Disaster Recovery, St. Bernard Parish, LA

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