A Clue To Our Direction

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The Optus Whalesong Project:

Lelia Media L3C is planning to become a leader in changing the current business model that is used to fund most animal-related research programs.  We intend to shift this strategy from a charity-driven, "donation-dependent" economic engine to a more robust and sustainable business-to-business corporate marketing/sponsorship digital platform. This model has been demonstrated to be effective in the past. The Optus Whalesong Project is one such project.

Optus Whale Song, was a 2009 advertising campaign from Australia for a telecommunications company featuring whale song and music. This campaign and film project was beautifully produced, and also enriched viewers' lives by providing awareness and education about how whales communicate in a creative and artistic way.  A corporate communications company using their marketing dollars to invest in a program that demonstrates inter-species communication -- that's pretty smart.